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 Licensed Veterinary Technician 


Amy was born in raised outside of Cincinnati, Ohio but moved out west in 2012. She has recently moved to the Palouse area with her new husband. She has a 10 year old tabby cat named “Polly Pocket”. She has had a huge love of animals and has been working in the veterinary field since she was in high school. She graduated from veterinary technician school in 2009 from the University of Cincinnati. What she loves the most about veterinary medicine is that every day is a new experience and you never know what the day will bring you. When not at work you can find her in a museum or exploring the outdoors.
Amy and "Polly Pocket"

 Veterinary Assistants 


While you may have heard of crazy cat ladies, D.J. can accurately be described as a crazy monitor lizard guy. D.J. is an Idaho native who developed a love of animals at a young age living on a ranch. As long as he can remember he has tried to catch and keep everything that creeps or crawls, and now has a sizable reptile collection in addition to his three dogs. About half of his many pets are rescues, and he is passionate about ensuring every critter under his roof is properly cared for and loved. In addition to reptile husbandry, D.J.'s hobbies include camping, 3D modeling and animation, martial arts and cooking for his fiancé.

Regina joined the Alpine team in the spring of 2019. Originally from Southern California, Regina moved to Pullman to attend WSU in 2015. She became interested in veterinary medicine in high school after helping care for some of the sick residents at her local animal shelter. She became more intrigued on how she could aid in treating animals to prolong the human-animal bond. Regina currently owns two cats named “Pearl” and “Lilac”. One of her favorite things about working in veterinary medicine is educating clients on topics that she is familiar with in veterinary medicine and changing the way they view their pet's health. In addition to having an interest in veterinary medicine, Regina is a volunteer puppy raiser for Guide Dogs for the Blind, plays volleyball, and has been studying Mandarin, culminating in earning a minor in Chinese Language along with her Bachelor of Science. Her future goals include attending veterinary school and specializing in animal behavior.

Martin grew up in the Renton-Maple Valley area but moved to Pullman in the summer of 2019 to pursue a veterinary education. He joined the Alpine team in February 2020. Martin started his veterinary education at Renton Technical College's Veterinary Assisting program in 2019 and worked at a veterinary clinic in Western Washington prior to starting at Alpine. He was drawn to veterinary medicine to help those who cannot ask for help, and to be there for them. Martin lives in a zoo of various reptiles, fish, mammals, and rodents, including ferrets and an Axolotl. The only one that he can claim as his own is a ten-year-old Ragdoll cat named "Opal". Martin, in his free time, loves exploring the Palouse going hiking, kayaking, and recently fishing! You might see Martin in downtown Pullman sipping on his favorite white coffee at Pups and Cups.

Sierra is from Grand Junction, CO and recently moved to Pullman with her significant other while he attends law school. She has been working in the veterinary field for the last five years, has a strong passion for the profession, and is pursuing admission into the veterinary college at WSU. Sierra loves working with animals and hopes to one day work with exotics. She also loves being in nature and hiking. Although she does not currently have any pets due to previous housing not allowing for it, she hopes to have some in the near future! Her love for animals has been a part of her life since a very young child, and she is incredibly happy to be continuing her work with them at Alpine Animal Hospital.

Reh was raised in Western Washington as an only child with no pets. That did not stop her from volunteering after school at the local animal humane society, however. After many years of persuading she finally got her first companion, a Shih Tzu/Yorkie “Hosier”. Reh later moved to the Palouse to continue her Bachelor of Science at Washington State University. Upon graduation she will move on to veterinary school, hopeful for admission to the veterinary college at WSU. Reh sees the world as a map to be explored and loves camping or hiking to connect with nature. She one day hopes the adventure will lead to volunteer work in Asia at Elephant Conservations to achieve her long-term goal of meeting and eventually working with her favorite species, elephants, along with many other exotic creatures. Reh is excited to join the Alpine team and looks forward to gaining useful skills that she will utilize throughout her entire career, wherever the adventure may take her.

Originally from Pasco, WA, Arielle moved to Pullman to continue her academic career and received a Bachelor’s of Science in Animal Science degree in May of 2020. She hopes to continue her education and attend the WSU College of Veterinary Medicine. Arielle’s passion for animals and veterinary medicine began early in life as she was raised around animals and gained experience caring for both companion and agricultural animals. Her experiences volunteering in animal shelters, veterinary hospitals, and in the agricultural field are what solidified her decision of going into veterinary medicine and pursuing a career as a veterinarian. Arielle’s future career goals include becoming a small animal veterinarian and eventually opening her own clinic that provides affordable care to low income members of the community. Her favorite thing about veterinary medicine is that it allows her to play an active role in her community through providing care to animals and improving animal health. Some of Arielle’s hobbies include traveling and exploring around the Pacific Northwest, and game nights with friends & family. She is a huge fan of true crime, and really enjoys at-home movie nights with her husband.

Brontë started at Alpine in the fall of 2020. Born and raised in Pullman Washington, Brontë has always known she wanted to be in veterinary medicine. Brontë was drawn to Vet Med by her love for helping animals. She has always been an animal lover since she was born and has never been without a pet of her own. Currently, Brontë has two little dogs, a Poodle/Chihuahua named “Athena” (pictured) and a Chiweenie named “Zoey”. Brontë loves taking them for hikes and to the water in the summertime. What she loves most about working in Veterinary Medicine is being able to learn the science behind the treatments we do and being able to help those without a voice. Some other things Brontë enjoys outside of work include taking her dogs to the park, traveling, and going to all sorts of concerts.
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