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Pet Care Tips

 Luxury Boarding 

Alpine Animal Hospital is pleased to offer luxury boarding for your dog, cat, small mammal or reptile. Let us be your pet’s home away from home! We are conveniently located right off the Moscow-Pullman highway and near the airport, making it easy for pet parents to check their furry family member(s) in and out Monday through Saturday. While boarding pets are cared for throughout the weekend and holidays, there are no check ins or check outs outside of posted business hours, including Sundays.

During their stay, your pet will enjoy:

A fluffy blanket or comfy bed
Breakfast and dinner in bed (lunch, too, if needed!)
Personal care by our animal care staff with exercise at least 4 times daily
Group play or individual play in our outdoor play yards for dogs
State-of-the-art climate control system

Boarding animals must have proof of current vaccinations and be free of parasites. This is for the safety of our staff, your pet, and the other pets boarding with us.

Dogs: Rabies, DHPP (sometimes also listed as DA2PP), and Bordetella
Cats: FVRCP (within the past 12 months from end of boarding stay) and Rabies
Ferrets: Rabies

Not all animals have equal needs. Therefore, each pet’s stay will be individualized into an appropriate tier, based upon their specific needs during their time in our care. Tier placement is determined by the needs of each pet and is at the discretion of Alpine's veterinarians. If your pet’s needs may be classified as Tier 4 or 5, a physical examination within the past 6 months by an Alpine veterinarian is required prior to your boarding stay. AAH staff is happy to discuss tier placement of patients if there are questions. See below for tier structure, associated boarding rates, and descriptors.

* Human-aggressive animals are not candidates for boarding at Alpine Animal Hospital. AAH does not feed raw diets.

* All medication and supplements must be in original prescription bottles or containers for AAH to administer.

* Please click here to review Alpine Animal Hospital’s boarding policies in full.

Holiday Boarding Reservations:
During the holiday seasons we are unable to accommodate non-established dogs. To become established, your dog will need to stay with us at least one night prior to the holiday season so we can determine if they will be a good boarding candidate, or help develop a plan to optimize their wellbeing during future boarding stays.

To ensure we are able to accommodate as many families as possible, a deposit is required for reservations during peak boarding times including dates surrounding major holidays and certain university and public school breaks. This deposit will be credited toward the boarding stay. A full refund is available if cancellation occurs at least 7 days prior to the beginning reservation date. No show or late cancellations within a 7 day period will be ineligible for a refund.

Daily Boarding Rates - Deluxe Accommodations

Exotic Pet Boarding – owner provides fully enclosed enclosure, care sheet, and all other necessary food & supplies




Day Stay - Check in and check out the same day



Tier 1 Boarding - Overnight boarding of healthy stable pet with no medication or other special needs



Tier 2 Boarding - Encompasses Tier 1 plus 1 additional medication, any supplements, or health conditions that do not require additional care or monitoring  (e.g. asymptomatic FIV+)



Tier 3 Boarding - Encompasses Tier 2 plus 1 additional medication or minimal additional monitoring/care required (e.g. seizure disorder, mild heart disease), pets that requiring extra handling or space due to behavior, female cats or dogs in heat, and puppies under 6 months of age



Tier 4 Boarding - Encompasses Tier 3 plus 1 additional medication, or injectable medications, or moderate additional monitoring/care required; includes regular checks by the technical staff (e.g. geriatric pets (Dogs <25lbs 11+ years, Dogs >25lbs 10+ years, Cats 13+ years), surgical recovery, early stage chronic kidney disease, palliative care) 



Tier 5 Boarding - Encompasses Tier 4 plus any additional medications, or extensive additional monitoring/care required; includes regular DVM checks  (i.e., advanced stage chronic kidney disease, diabetes, advanced heart disease, chronic respiratory issues). Infectious disease patients requiring isolation protocols for handling/cleaning/disinfection also are within this tier. 




Additional Services to make your pet’s stay extra posh!

All additional services are subject to animal participation and enjoyment.  If your pet is not a candidate for a service, we’ll let you know.

Feline Suite - Assessed per suite not per pet


Bath - Refresh your dog before returning home


Toenail Trim - Get your friend a “pawdicure” and keep those nails tidy


Leash Walks (canine) - Your leashed dog will enjoy a wonderful ½ mile stroll down the Palouse Chipman Trail


One-on-One Play - Your dog or cat will get personalized attention for ~15 minutes each play session


Lick Mats (feline) - Your cat will receive a delicious treat of wet food or Churu on a textured puzzle toy, providing positive enrichment and exploration


Peanut Butter Kongs (canine) - Your dog will receive a delicious PB Kong to provide positive mental stimulation and enrichment


Size appropriate comfortable enclosure for all breeds
Cats love our luxury boarding suites with windows to watch the birds
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