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Pet Care Tips

 Cats' Night Out

At Alpine Animal Hospital, we recognize the special needs of our feline patients and are excited to announce the return of “Cats’ Night Out”. We are scheduling now. The event reoccurs on the 3rd Tuesday of each month from 3-8pm.

Highlights of the evening:

Feline focused event
Dedicated veterinarian and staff trained in fear-free handling
Dog-free lobby
Calming pheromone use to reduce stress
Enables routine healthcare for timid kitties
Pre-appointment fear-free goodie bags

To prepare yourself and your feline friend(s) for their appointment, we have pre-appointment goodie bags for you to pick up. These include calming pheromone wipes (Feliway) to coat the inside of the cat carrier for natural stress relief. They also include a notecard of pre-appointment steps you can take in the days and weeks leading up to your cat’s appointment to make the carrier a friendlier place and reduce travel-related stress.
Interested in starting now? Check out this helpful video: Click here to view video.

Alpine Animal Hospital looks forward to seeing you and your feline family members soon.
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