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Lead - Kerry

Kerry has lived in Pullman for more than 12 years. She originally came here to go to WSU, then met and married her husband, Evan. After completing her B.S. in Zoology, they decided to stay in the area. When she is not at work, Kerry divides her time between her spending time with her husband, playing roller derby for the Palouse River Rollers, and taking care of her five pets. Her four legged family includes a tortoise named “Mr. Andy Dufresne”, two 8 year old Blue Heelers named “Gage Morgan” and “Boots”, and two cats; a 15 year old Siamese named “Runt” and a 7 year old domestic short hair named “Domino”. Kerry has always wanted to do something to help take care of animals and has been happy to have an opportunity to do that here at Alpine Animal Hospital.

Jenny joined the Alpine team in December 2017, after moving to the Palouse from Texas. Working in veterinary medicine for the past 29+ years, Jenny has a passion for animals and loves knowing that she’s helping clients and their pets. Jenny moved to Pullman to spend quality time with her family, and loves attending sports games, special events, and birthdays of her nieces and nephews. A self-proclaimed “dog person”, Jenny has a 12 year old Maltese mix named “Bijou”. “Bijou” is a good little traveler, keeping Jenny company in the U-Haul on the 5 day journey from Texas to Pullman. In her spare time, Jenny enjoys outdoor activities, including hiking and gardening.

Rachael was born and raised in Anchorage, Alaska. She grew up with her parents, two sisters, and the family dogs - a golden retriever, a black Labrador, and a black Labrador/German Shepherd mix. Rachael is a WSU graduate with a B.S. in Animal Sciences. She lives with her husband, their young daughter, black Labrador “Ziva”, yellow Labrador “Tess”, and their flame point Siamese “Wynter”, whom they adopted from the Alpine several years ago. Rachael is cross trained to work in the boarding kennels, as a receptionist, and as a veterinary assistant. This allows her to help fill in when an extra hand is needed. When not at work, Rachael enjoys spending her weekends with family, cozying up with a good book, or tackling a new baking project. Rachael loves the color blue and hopes to travel to Europe and Australia someday.

Originally from Coeur d’Alene, Emilee has extensive previous experience in human medicine and health care. After leaving nursing school, Emilee knew she wanted to be involved in a medical field still and transitioned to veterinary medicine. She has always loved animals and wanted to see if it would be a good fit. Emilee has two dogs – “Russell”, an Aussie/Border Collie, and “Boomer”, a Heeler – as well as a cat named “Loki”. In her spare time, Emilee enjoys hiking, painting, drawing, and weightlifting.

Originally from Hawaii, Kayana recently graduated from WSU with a degree in Animal Science. She remains passionate about animals because they have always helped her and she would like to return the favor and provide help to them. Kayana looks forward to learning new things about veterinary medicine each day and knowing that she made a difference in an animal’s day puts a smile on her face. Kayana has a German Shepherd/Husky mix named “Malcom” (“Mac” for short) and they love to go hiking together, venture down to the river on hot days, or go for walks downtown.

Hanna was born and raised in the Palouse region in Troy, Idaho. After graduation, she managed 3 different local restaurants and made many connections in the food service industry. However, she knew that wasn’t what she wanted to do. Her educational journey and previous coursework reflected a desire to work with animals. This interest led her to rescue dogs and pursue a position at Alpine Animal Hospital. Her current rescue dogs are “Mia”, a Border Collie/Aussie mix, “Grizzly”, a Heeler mix, and “Nova”, a Pit/Lab mix. Hanna also enjoys hobbies including camping and archery, as well as traveling to Europe and Italy!

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