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 Pet Physicals

You may not know that your pet’s yearly checkup is essential to their health and well-being. It’s as important as feeding them daily and loving them forever. It’s the best way to keep your pet healthier, longer!

Every year, we love to see your pets for a complete physical examination. For our senior pets, and those with chronic health issues (obesity, dental disease, heart disease, arthritis, taking regular medication, etc.), every 6 months is optimal. A thorough exam allows us to assess many systems and catch disease symptoms early and provide, in many cases, for a longer and more comfortable life.

What are we looking for? Here are some major categories and possible concerns:
Eyes: healthy tear production, sight, cataracts
Ears: infections, wax build up, allergic itchiness
Teeth: abscesses, fractures, gum disease
Skin: infections, lumps and bumps, parasites, fur quality
Lymph nodes: swelling, pain
Musculoskeletal: swelling, pain, arthritis, tumors
Heart and lungs: heart murmurs, arrhythmias, asthma, pneumonia
Abdomen: abnormalities of liver, spleen, kidneys and intestines

This in-depth, medical check-up not only confirms your pet’s current health status, but also helps to prevent future problems, such as obesity, periodontal/dental disease, arthritis, and diabetes. The exam findings, and sometimes additional tests such as parasite screens, blood work, and x-rays, can provide a baseline for monitoring changes over the years. Early detection and appropriate management of conditions enables us to initiate appropriate management to improve your pet’s quality and, in many cases, quantity of life.

At the time of your pet’s appointment, we will also have the opportunity to discuss all the ways to keep your pet in good shape and answer all of your questions. We can cover any topic you want in the comfort of our exam room.

We’re grateful for your trust in us to recommend what’s best for your pet. And what‘s best for them today is an annual check-up. Call us today, or request an appointment online, to schedule their appointment (your pet will be thankful too).
Dr. Nichols performing an annual exam 
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