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 Business Manager 

Jennifer Gibbs

Alpine’s business manager, Jennifer Gibbs, is a third generation native to the Moscow area but has lived in Lewiston, ID for the past 20 years. She joined the Alpine team in 1990 and over the years, has worked in nearly all positions within the clinic. These days the duties of reconciling accounts, tracking business statistics, data entry, accounts payable, payroll, monthly and quarterly reports, taxes and human resource tasks command most of her time at work. Despite her busy days, Jennifer is always happy to visit with clients, give love to and comfort our patients, help the doctors and assistants, perform special request grooms and repair medical equipment when needed.

Jennifer has had a deep love of animals for as long as she can remember and feels extremely privileged to be surrounded by them every day. She also has a great appreciation of our many wonderful clients and an outstanding team of coworkers.

When not at Alpine, Jennifer’s favorite activity is spending time with her children, family, friends, and pets. Her four-legged family members include “Chance”, an English Bulldog, “Big Mac”, a pug, “Rudy”, a wirehair Dachshund, three Persian cats, “Scooter”, “Chowder”, and “Layla”, and “Flash”, a Russian Tortoise. She is a tropical fish hobbyist and currently maintains two aquariums. Jennifer considers herself to be a “do-it-yourself” kind of gal and enjoys working on home improvement projects. Other enjoyable past times include camping, fishing, and making jewelry.
Jennifer Gibbs with "Rudy", "Big Mac", and "Chance"
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